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The 52nd Annual Dwight & Ardis Michener

Michener Lecture & Seminars

Sunday, January 16th, 2022 

1 pm Eastern Time


Do Ye Not Know That Ye Are the Temple of God?

presented by

Nancy Fennell

What does it mean to be “the temple of God?” Nancy Fennell will lead us in examining this question asked by Paul of the Corinthians (I Cor. 3:16). The two major functions of a temple are to provide a place of worship and to serve under the leadings of God. Fennell explores the role of both individuals and the community in terms of these functions within our meetings. The voices of Quakers past and present are brought to bear on contemporary issues.

Nancy Fennell has been a Friend for twenty-six years and is a member of Fort Myers Friends Meeting. She has served her local meeting through her work with Ministry and Counsel Committee and has twice served as meeting Clerk. For Southeastern Yearly Meeting she has served as a member of Worship and Ministry and as Interim Business Meeting Clerk. She is the author of The Path of Silence: A Call to Deepen and to Live our Spirituality (2018).


All are welcome to attend! 

The Michener Lecture is being held online on Zoom. Registration is required to receive Zoom login information.

We do not charge a registration fee, but we do ask for donations to help defray the cost of this event. Suggested donation is $15, but any amount is appreciated.

The Michener Lecture is under the care of the Worship & Ministry Committee.

Nancy Triscritti (Tampa), Clerk