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You are welcome in Southeastern Yearly Meeting! We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who support each other in our spiritual journeys and work for positive change in the world.

SEYM is a community of  25 unprogrammed Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups in Florida, southeast Georgia, coastal South Carolina, and Managua, Nicaragua.

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september, 2022

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Special Fundraiser

The Youth Program needs donations to fund Youth and family events and programs throughout the year, and to support the Youth & Young Adult Coordinator position.

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SEYM is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. You may contribute directly to any of our programs.

Fall Interim Business Meeting 2022, October 1st

Fall Interim Business Meeting 2022, October 1st

Join Friends from other Meetings and Worship Groups from around our region for Fall Executive Committee on Friday, September 30th, and Fall Interim Business Meeting on Saturday, October 1st. All sessions will be hybrid; we will gather in-person at the St. Petersburg Friends Meetinghouse, and…

Extended Worship, Online October 15th

Extended Worship, online October 15th

Join us online for an Extended Meeting for Worship! Early Friends often sat for hours at a time in worship.  In limiting our worship time to an hour or less, has the power of the experience been diminished for today’s Friends?  What might we discover…

Save The Date! Half Yearly Meeting 2022 December 16 – 19

Save the date! Half Yearly Meeting 2022 December 16 - 19

Half Yearly meeting is an opportunity for families and Friends from all over our region to relax and have fun, surrounded by nature at Wekiwa Springs State Park! Planned and unplanned activities include canoeing, nature walks, workshops, the Talent Show, music jams, games, art, and…

What’s Next For SEYM Youth & Young Adult Programs?

What’s Next for SEYM Youth & Young Adult Programs?

As Kody Hersh completes his tenure as our Youth and Young Adult Coordinator this August, plans are in place to continue offering Youth and Young Adult programs and events with energy and enthusiasm. Though SEYM will not be hiring one person to fill the YYAC…


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the monthly meetings of Southeastern Yearly Meeting are on the unceded lands of many different indigenous peoples.

In what is now Florida, coastal Georgia, and South Carolina, the original inhabitants were indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands.  Early peoples in this area were hunter-gatherers, who shifted over time to growing corn, squash and beans for a large part of their food. Well before European invasion, indigenous peoples of these lands– the Timucua (Tee-MOO-qua), Calusa (ca LOO-sa), Tequesta (tuh-KES-tuh), Ais (ah-EES), Jaega (YaY-ga), and others– had well developed trade networks, refined ceramic and metal working techniques, and other visual arts traditions. In Nicaragua, Managua Worship Group meets on the traditional territories of the Chorotega (chore-oh-TAY-ga). Invading Europeans decimated these pre-contact peoples through disease, violence, enslavement, and forced removal, and claimed their land for European settlement.

We acknowledge the Seminole (SEM-in-ol) and Miccosukee (mick-uh-SOO-kee) Tribes, who continue as peoples, and as protectors of South Florida’s land and water. Their fierce and sustained resistance to European invasion and the physical and cultural processes of colonization and land theft continue to this day.

We acknowledge that Native individuals of many nations and peoples live throughout this region today.

We in Southeastern Yearly Meeting have committed ourselves to an ongoing process of decolonization. We repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery, commit ourselves to a deeper understanding of Quaker involvement in the genocide of indigenous peoples, and seek way forward in deepening commitment and solidarity with Native peoples.