Child Safety Training

Large meeting of Friends
The SEYM Child Safety Training gives Friends the tools to create safe and welcoming spaces for children and youth — in our Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups, and Yearly Meetings. The training lasts about 1.5 hours, and covers best practices in caring for different youth age groups, and how to prevent, recognize, and report child abuse.

All Friends are welcome to take the training, whether you work with children or not. Our communities are better equipped to truly welcome families when more Friends know how to create a safe space for youth.

Do you want to work with youth in SEYM? The training is a component of the SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). Friends who work with youth at our yearly meeting events are required to be CAPP registered, which involves taking the training and passing background and reference checks. Learn more on our Child Safety page.

Meetings and Worship Groups are invited to take the SEYM Child Safety Training online as a group. If you would like to arrange a training as a Monthly Meeting or Worship Group, please contact Cheryl Demers-Holton, CAPP Coordinator.