Stories from the Book of Acts

Large meeting of Friends
Join us online for a workshop with Emily Provance, who will lead us in using stories from the books of Acts as a jumping-off point to discuss listening in tongues, nominations, hospitality and food, welcoming newcomers, spiritual transformation, belonging, prayer, faith, corporate discernment, calls to ministry, pastoral care, and adapting to societal change.

In the Bible, the book of Acts is the story of what happened after Jesus’ death and resurrection, covering approximately the first thirty years of establishing what would become the Christian church. The community described in these stories is deeply flawed and beautifully human, and for that reason, there are many resonances with our own experiences in faith communities.

The group gathered will choose which topics to explore within our limited time.

Emily ProvanceEmily Provance is a Quaker traveling minister from Fifteenth Street Meeting in New York City. She’s also an associate of Good News Associates, a Christian, nonprofit, ministry organization supporting individuals who are called to non-institutional ministries.

Among Quakers, she initiates and coordinates projects that vary greatly in topic but are unified by approach. She helps people who are very different work together on things they all care about. She has a deep faith in the power of relationships as the most reliable pathway to peace and to change.

Emily was our 2021 Walton Lecture Speaker. She also has a blog for her ministry, Turning, Turning: Holy Experiments Among Friends.