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You are welcome in Southeastern Yearly Meeting! We are a diverse and inclusive community of people who support each other in our spiritual journeys and work for positive change in the world.

SEYM is a community of  25 unprogrammed Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups in Florida, southeast Georgia, coastal South Carolina, and Managua, Nicaragua.

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Field Secretary for Earthcare Fund

Donations needed!

This new position is being funded entirely by donations from Meetings and individuals, with one grant from the SEYM trustees. More funds are needed. Please donate!

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SEYM offers quality books and pamphlets for sale, including our Faith & Practice and pamphlets of our Walton and Michener Lectures.

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SEYM is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. You may contribute directly to any of our programs.

Peace & Social Concerns Report To Yearly Meeting

Peace & Social Concerns Report to Yearly Meeting

The Committee discerned a request from Kate Breslin from FCNL to stand in unity with other faith communities to sign a letter of support for State Attorney Aramis Ayala. Minute: The Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends stands in unity with other…

Draft SEYM Statement On Climate Change & Environmental Protection

Draft SEYM Statement on Climate Change & Environmental Protection

The Earthcare Committee brought forward a proposed 'Statement on Climate Change & Environmental Protection' at SEYM's Yearly Business Meeting, held April 12-16 at our annual Gathering. The following minute was recorded: 17YM07      Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends approves the…

News From Field Secretary For Earthcare, May 2017

News from Field Secretary for Earthcare, May 2017

Dear Friends, This is more than a recap of my activities since Yearly Meeting. I continue to be most grateful to you for holding me in the Light and trusting me to coordinate our Earthcare work. In so many ways, your thoughts, prayers, hospitality, potlucks,…

2017 SEYM Epistle

2017 SEYM Epistle

Loving Greetings to Friends Everywhere: Southeastern Yearly Meeting gathered in Fruitland Park, Florida, USA, Fourth Month 12-16, 2017 with 162 Friends in attendance, including 21 children. There were many first-time attenders at our sessions, as well as Friends who we had not seen in recent…

Gathering 2017 Media Gallery

Gathering 2017 Media Gallery


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