Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Quakers in Florida, Coastal Georgia & South Carolina

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We gather for spiritual renewal and friendship, and advocate for peace, social justice, and care for the earth.

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You are welcome at any of our Meetings and Worship Groups! We are a mix of newcomers and longtime members, with people of various religious backgrounds, gender identities and orientations.

Our Worship

Quaker worship is grounded in silence, where we listen deeply for what is in our hearts, for inner guidance, and a sense of connection. There is no program or sermon.

Our Faith

The heart of our faith is the experience of the inner source of spiritual connection, renewal, and guidance that is present in everyone. We have no creedal beliefs; faith is a way of life.

What we do

Southeastern Yearly Meeting brings together Friends from Meetings and Worship Groups in our region to share resources, deepen our faith, and work together to advocate for peace, social justice, and sustainability. We hold events in person and online, gathering for spiritual renewal, collaboration, friendship, and fun. We connect Friends to the wider Quaker community, and write and publish the SEYM Faith & Practice.

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Queries for the Journey

The Worship and Ministry Committee offers “Queries for the Journey,” weekly queries to help Friends center in their daily journey through quiet, contemplative reflection. New queries will be posted monthly.

Queries for the Journey – 7th Month (July) 2024

(The Queries for the Journey for May, June, & July were discerned in a collaborative effort with Anne Pomeroy and their elders, and are meant to be part of the reflection that coincides with Anne’s three upcoming retreats, but can also be used individually as Friends are led.)

1st week:

Living a spiritual life can be called honoring that of God in us and others as we live our days. How might this manifest for you? How do you see this happening in committees, meeting for worship, for business, and in individual relationships?

2nd week:

Are there waves or trends in what you are hearing from Spirit?

3rd week:

How do you distinguish calls for action that come from the world or ego, from ones that come from Spirit? How does discernment from deep listening guide our journey as Friends? When you have been deeply listened to, how have you seen the ripples of being listened to manifest in ministry, action, and relationships?

4th week:

Have you doubted a nudge, a message in Meeting for Worship, or a direction in your life? What happened afterwards? What comfort or discomfort do you experience when you receive a nudge or hear a call?