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You are welcome in Southeastern Yearly Meeting! SEYM is a community of  25 unprogrammed Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups in Florida, southeast Georgia, coastal South Carolina, and Managua, Nicaragua.

As Quakers, we support each other in our spiritual journeys and care deeply about peace, social justice, and the earth.

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may, 2023

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Queries for the Journey

The SEYM Worship and Ministry Committee is offering “Queries for the Journey,” weekly queries to help Friends center, through quiet, contemplative reflection, in their daily journey.

Query for the week of 28th Fifth Month 2023:

Am I aware of moments of awe in my daily life? Am I willing to consider that as connection with the Presence?








Special Fundraiser

The Youth Program needs donations to fund Youth and family events and programs throughout the year, and to support the Youth & Young Adult Coordinator position.

Donate to SEYM

SEYM is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. You may contribute directly to any of our programs.

2021 Walton Lecture Video: Interruption, Integration, Transfiguration

2021 Walton Lecture Video: Interruption, Integration, Transfiguration

The SEYM Publications Committee is pleased to offer this video of the 2021 J. Barnard Walton Lecture, presented by Emily Provance on April 10th, 2021, at our Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions. After a year of pandemic, social isolation and upheaval, we came together for our…

Youth & Family Retreat Days

Youth & Family Retreat Days

Youth and families are invited to attend ‘Retreat Days!’ The Youth Committee is offering two regional retreat days this year instead of a full weekend retreat in order to minimize COVID transmission risk. • Saturday, June 19th, at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, FL…

Peacebuilding En Las Americas: April Update

Peacebuilding en las Americas: April Update

Peace en las Americas Coordinator Mónica A. Maher sends us this April 2021 update on PLA’s work on “planting a sustainable peace” in Central America. PLA is an initiative of Friends Peace Teams; Cece Yocum (Tampa) is our SEYM representative. Monica writes: Covid infection continues…

SEYM 2021 Epistle

SEYM 2021 Epistle

Southeastern Yearly Meeting Epistle 2021 Greetings Friends, Our Yearly Meeting Gathering has come at a time when it is needed most. The enthusiasm for being together was evident; Friends found such joy in being together again, even if it was on Zoom. Registration was as…


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the monthly meetings of Southeastern Yearly Meeting are on the unceded lands of many different indigenous peoples.

In what is now Florida, coastal Georgia, and South Carolina, the original inhabitants were indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands.  Early peoples in this area were hunter-gatherers, who shifted over time to growing corn, squash and beans for a large part of their food. Well before European invasion, indigenous peoples of these lands– the Timucua (Tee-MOO-qua), Calusa (ca LOO-sa), Tequesta (tuh-KES-tuh), Ais (ah-EES), Jaega (YaY-ga), and others– had well developed trade networks, refined ceramic and metal working techniques, and other visual arts traditions. In Nicaragua, Managua Worship Group meets on the traditional territories of the Chorotega (chore-oh-TAY-ga). Invading Europeans decimated these pre-contact peoples through disease, violence, enslavement, and forced removal, and claimed their land for European settlement.

We acknowledge the Seminole (SEM-in-ol) and Miccosukee (mick-uh-SOO-kee) Tribes, who continue as peoples, and as protectors of South Florida’s land and water. Their fierce and sustained resistance to European invasion and the physical and cultural processes of colonization and land theft continue to this day.

We acknowledge that Native individuals of many nations and peoples live throughout this region today.

We in Southeastern Yearly Meeting have committed ourselves to an ongoing process of decolonization. We repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery, commit ourselves to a deeper understanding of Quaker involvement in the genocide of indigenous peoples, and seek way forward in deepening commitment and solidarity with Native peoples.